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Why LifePlant

LifePlant is a continuing project with a strong commitment from our neighboring communities from northern California and the Philippines. The medical objective of the project is to provide kidney transplants to needy patients. The cost of laparoscopic kidney removal is included. All medical and non-medical support personnel are volunteers. Significant educational aspects are part and parcel of the LifePlant Program. Medical doctors in developing countries are provided first-hand education in laparoscopic surgery and in kidney transplantation. Through Dr. Bretan’s speaking engagements related to the project, local communities will learn about organ donation and laparoscopic donor kidney surgery (currently not being performed in most developing countries). In addition, humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and book donations are transported and distributed at the time of the specific LifePlant Mission to the orphans and poor children of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.


Saving Lives

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